HE-DRS is a track scales for weighing in motion, which weighs the wagons of a train convoy fully automatically.

The train set is pulled or pushed over the weighbridge at a constant speed and the weight of each wagon is automatically calculated. and the weight of each wagon is determined automatically. determined. The wagons are weighed both empty and loaded. weighed. The HE weighing system calculates the net weights for each wagon and for the entire individual wagon and for the entire train. Even liquid goods can also be dynamically weighed with high accuracy. Here it is axles or bogies must be on the scales at the same time as the weight is bogies are on the scales at the same time.

The train set can be composed of different types of wagons - the wagons - the weigher does not need to know in advance how long the wagons are the length of the wagons or whether they have two or four axles.

HE Wägetechnik Horst Eßmann

Dynamic weighing with the HE-DRS track weigher is the right solution when the number of wagons is large and the weighing operation may take little time.

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