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As an admin or system integrator you know, that it is difficult to keep an overview about all products in use, as new updates, product generations and compatibilities take a lot of time to research.

Not having all the necessary information, may result that the devices are not being used to their full potential.

devicebase with its product specific structure and features like update alerts is the solution.

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How you can become a product expert

For each product on devicebase there is the possibility to become a product expert. This way you can show the public (industry, potential customers) that you are a specialist for specific devices.

The position of product expert can only be achieved by high quality contributions.

The user who collects the most points within a product becomes the number one product expert.

This is how your contributions are rewarded

User Status

With a growing number of points, your status increases. If the manufacturer is active themselves (authorized), this will also be displayed.

Collecting points

You can collect points by actively participating in the forum.

  • +1 Like for a Question
  • +1 Like for an Answer
  • +3 Rate a product
  • +3 Rate compatibility
  • +5 Asking a Question
  • +5 Answering a Question
  • +10 Suggest a product
  • +10 Suggest compatibility

Product Scores are calculated as follows:

Product Score

Product Scores are calculated as follows: A product's score is equal to the sum of the number of posts in the forum (+1 per answer/question), the number of compatibilities, and the number of users following the product.

10 4 20 3 = 37

10 Discussions + 4 Compatibilities + 20 Follower + 3 Updates

Increase Visibility

The Product Score determines a product's position on every page and subpage. The higher a product's score, the higher it will be shown on all overview pages, compatibility lists, and in the 'Similar Products' section.

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