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As an administrator or system integrator, you're aware that it can be challenging to keep track of all the products you use. Researching updates, product successors, and compatibilities can be time-consuming, and lacking crucial information may result in underutilization of devices.

Equipment may not be used to its full potential if all necessary information is not available.

devicebase provides a product-specific structure and features such as update alerts to resolve this issue.

devicebase is used by the following companies, among others

AB InBev Allianz Amazon AVI-SPL BBC Berkeley University of California Daimler Deloitte Deutsche Bank e-on FDA Google GPA Liebherr NASA NSC Global Ricoh Roche Siemens SPOR AV Tesla Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen Wolters Kluwer

Why we created devicebase?!

With passion and commitment, our team has developed devicebase, an online platform for IT administrators, developers, and system integrators. We were driven by our own experience with the challenge of always being up-to-date on software updates, product announcements, and new compatible products. As system integrators, we couldn't keep track of all the updates to the devices used in our business. This resulted in downtime and less-than-ideal use of products.

Faced with these challenges, we realized that a more efficient solution was needed, and so the idea for devicebase was born. Before devicebase, it was a tedious task to monitor individual product pages, social media posts and company websites.

With devicebase, we deliver direct and relevant information through automatic notifications. Our users receive exactly the information they really need without being distracted by advertising, discount promotions or unwanted newsletters. In addition, devicebase informs users about expiring products to minimize potential downtime.

As the team behind devicebase, we are honored to have developed a resource that helps IT professionals streamline workflows and increase customer satisfaction. Protecting the privacy of our users is a top priority for us. We assure that we do not sell user data and do not use third-party cookies.

We are looking forward to being the largest information platform for updates, compatibilities and support by now. With dedication and commitment, we always strive to develop devicebase further. Our mission is to always provide our users with the most up-to-date and relevant information so they can make informed decisions.

Are you interested in becoming more involved? Join our team!

If you share our passion for technological innovation and are interested in creating a unique web experience, we invite you to apply for a career at devicebase.net! Join our young and dynamic team in an exciting startup and help us further develop the platform.