Bus Systems & Standards

The Smart Home Bus Systems & Standards are specifications designed to unify all the smart home or building devices and help with the integration and data transfer. They are offering open-source data to be followed in order to bring together the functions of all the different manufacturer specifications.

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1KNXKNX Association
669 Compatibilities 12 Updates 96 Discussions 414 Follower
Bus Systems
2Z-Wave StandardZWAVE Alliance
Z-Wave Standard
6 Compatibilities 0 Updates 0 Discussions 523 Follower
Protocols & Standards
3ZigBee StandardZigbee Alliance
ZigBee Standard
12 Compatibilities 0 Updates 0 Discussions 434 Follower
Protocols & Standards
16 Compatibilities 2 Updates 0 Discussions 31 Follower
Protocols & Standards
14 Compatibilities 0 Updates 0 Discussions 30 Follower
Bus Systems
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