KNX Association KNX

KNX Association KNX Compatibilities

Products that can be connected and used together

Following list shows all compatible hard- and software products working with KNX Association KNX which the devicebase coummunity or the manufacturer suggested. If you miss a product that works with KNX Association KNX, we would be happy if you suggest it via the button below.

So far there are compatible products from the areas: Air & CO2 Sensors, Alarm Systems, Amplifiers, Analog Inputs, Binary Inputs, Configuration Software, Control Centers, Control Centers & Servers, Control Panels, Dimming Actuators, Doors & Windows, Energy Management, Gateways, Heating Actuators, Intercom Systems, Interfaces, Logic Modules, Motion & Presence Detectors, PLC Controllers, Power-Supplies, PV Inverter, Radiator Thermostats, Room Thermostats, Security Center, Shutter Actuators, Smart Home Apps, Smart Home Service, Smart Meter, Smoke Detectors, Surveillance Cameras, Switch Actuators, Switches, Touch Panels, Universal Interface, Visualization, Weather Sensors.

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All products compatible to KNX Association KNX



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