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Sorry if this has already been asked. I have had Alexa for a few years and my house is full of Philip Hues globes running from the Hub plugged into my router. I have multiple Alexa routines to perform tasks using these globes such as getting up in the morning, going to bed, leaving the house etc.

For the past few weeks I randomly find myself being told by Alexa that the hub that controls the lights is either off-line or no power and it will not perform the routine requested. As I said, this state is totally random and can last from a few hours to a day or so then just as suddenly starts working again. Needless to say, the hub is connected, powered and all status lights on etc.

Can anyone assist please?



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  • Wi-Fi network interference: If your Wi-Fi network is disrupted or not stable, you may experience connectivity issues between the Philips Hue hub and your Alexa device. Check the Wi-Fi connection and make sure your network is stable.
  • Zigbee network interference: Philips Hue globes use Zigbee technology to communicate with the hub. If there is interference on the Zigbee network, it can cause connectivity issues between the hub and your globes. Check if there are any devices near the hub that can cause interference (e.g. microwave ovens, cordless phones, etc.) and remove them if possible.
  • Problems with the Philips Hue hub: Check that your Philips Hue hub is up to date and does not require firmware updates or other maintenance. You may also need to reset and reconfigure the hub.
  • Alexa Routines Issues: Verify that Alexa routines are configured correctly and that they may be affected by other routines or Alexa features. You may need to recreate or update the routines to ensure they work properly.
  • Defective or damaged devices: If none of the above fixes the problem, it may be that either your Philips Hue hub or your Alexa device is damaged or defective. In this case, you should contact the respective manufacturer's customer service for further assistance.

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