She doesn't play music like she used to?

When you ask for a group or artist you got it. Now she plays that group or artist and then others that are like them instead of just the one you requested. Didn't change anything this started all by itself. How can I change her back?


  • Use more specific voice commands: Try making your voice commands more specific by associating the name of the artist or group with a particular album or song you want to hear. For example: "Alexa, play the album 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson" or "Alexa, play the song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen".
  • Use the "Only this" mode: If you only want to listen to the music of a specific artist or group, you can activate the "Only this" mode. Just say "Alexa, enable Only This" mode before you make your music request. This way, Alexa will only play music from the specified artist or group and not similar artists.
  • Check your music settings: You may have enabled the "Similar Artists" feature in the settings of the music app or music service you are using. Check these settings and disable them to make sure Alexa only plays the music you request.
  • Change the music service: If you find that Alexa still plays similar artists even though you make specific music requests, you can also try changing the music service. Try different music services to see which one best suits your needs.

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