Huddly L1/S1 support and button pairing improvement


  • Support additional peripherals: Huddly L1/S1 through USB adapter and Biamp Parlé VBC 2500
  • Fixed Buttons not pairing in setups with network integrated Base Units and Buttons using EAP-TLS

Bug Fixes

  • Various security and stability updates
  • Fixed issues where 4k screens would revert to Full HD after waking up from stand-by
  • macOS Ventura users can now set the screen permissions for the ClickShare App while the Button is connected
  • Completed missing translations of ClickShare Configurator labels and descriptions

Open Issues

  • In some cases having the BYOD protocols (Airplay, Miracast or Googlecast) enabled can lead to unexpected disconnects. If not used, disableing these protocols is advised.

Important Notice

  • In order to start the ClickShare App on the Button automatically when plugging it in, version 1.20 of the ClickShare Windows Driver needs to be installed on the device. More information can be found in KB12204.
  • ClickShare Desktop App v4.17 or higher is required to allow over the air (Wi-Fi and ultrasound) detection of the Base Unit.
  • We highly recommend to always use a free 5GHz Wi-Fi channel to optimise the performance of Wireless Presentation. These settings can be changed via the ClickShare Configurator.
  • Upgrading past Version 02.14.00 will not allow you to downgrade to before 02.14.00.
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