Barco ClickShare CSE-200
ClickShare CSE-200
newcomer (60)loris.cichorius
asked by loris.cichorius

Can I access the Internet while using Clickshare?

Do I still have access to the Internet while using Clickshare?



newcomer (63)a.mitschke
answered by a.mitschke

Depends on how you are connected. The buttons can be used without using another W-lan network. But for the connection via Airplay, Clickshare App or web interface you have to connect directly to the Clickshare W-lan, so no Internet.

expert (2252)over9k
Top answer by over9k

You can also integrate the ClickShare device into your company network and then connect to the CSE-200 using the normal Wi-fi. So you still have internet axcess if you connect to the ClickShare device.

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