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The CSE-800 makes a DHCP request despite a fixed IP address.

Why does the ClickShare unit still trigger a DHCP request even though I have set a fixed IP?

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This is a known bug. Upon boot of the Clickshare unit the device fires a DHCP request and receives an IP from the DHCP server. However, the ClickShare unit corrects it's own IP afterwards with the fixed IP configured. Thereby resulting in a mismatch of the DNS entry and the real IP of the unit.It is recommended to add a DHCP entry for the MAC address of each ClickShare unit one wants to set a fixed IP for. The entry is a combination of both the units MAC address and the fixed IP one wants to assign. Afterwards the ClickShare unit can be set to automatically resolve it's IP from the DHCP server. This will result in the ClickShare unit always retrieving the same IP.

tbarten / enthusiast (229)

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