Brings various quality fixes for several existing features

Resolved Issue(s)

✔ ️ Poly Studio P15 Camera appears unplugged as it fails to get claimed

✔ ️ Vaddio IntelliSHOT can now go up to 720p15

✔ ️ Using passive pens with touchscreens was not always working properly on some devices like Newline, Sharp and CVTE

✔ ️ After a full reset, the initial setup and registration was not made visible to complete the flow

✔ ️ After switching from one Teams call to another while having app-sharing, the shared screen was not always removed from the meeting room display

✔ ️ In some occasions the meeting room availability was not updated correctly

✔ ️ After enabling proxy configurations, the proxy route was not respected for all communication (among which to XMS)

Known Issue(s)

? When using Airplay with YouTube, users need to make sure the YouTube is not running before sharing full screen with Airplay, to avoid "Connected to AirPlay" is shown as overlay on the Youtube video: KB11880

? Rapidly pressing the mute button on the Jabra Speak devices can lead to the peripheral being out-of-sync with MS Teams.

? Conferencing controls, including mute, are not working with specific Jabra Speak 510 versions.

? For all Vaddio cameras that stream raw(YUV) video, the camera stream is limited to 540p @15fps for CX-50 and 540p @30fps for CX-30. Camera's that stream MJPEG are not limited.

? When an AVer VC520 pro2 with firmware version 0.0.7200.80 is used with a CX-50, the audio is not working. Upgrading the peripheral to firmware version 0.0.7200.82 fixes this issue: KB12347

? The ClickShare Desktop App will ask the user to switch Wi-Fi network when trying to connect to the Base Unit via PresentSense and the Base Unit is in Wi-Fi client mode: KB12349.

? Audio distortion can be noticed on CX-50 in combination with Poly Studio X50 (KB12323)

? In very rare cases the Base Unit fails to boot correctly when connected to the display prior to starting up


? Upgrades via auto-update to this version will follow 2 weeks after public availability

? In order to start the ClickShare App on the Button automatically when plugging it in, version 1.20 of the ClickShare Windows Driver needs to be installed on the device. More information can be found in KB12204.

? ClickShare Desktop App v4.17 is required to allow over the air (Wi-Fi and ultrasound) detection of the Base Unit.

? We highly recommend to always use a free 5GHz Wi-Fi channel to optimise the performance of Wireless Presentation. These settings can be changed via the ClickShare Configurator.

? Wireless client mode is supported however for Wireless Conferencing, a direct connection between the Button and the Base Unit is advised.

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