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Update Biamp Tesira FORTE: Adds Various New Features Along With Software And Firmware Fixes

Version: 4.2.5 Link


  • Added new entries in the processing library for the new Desono EX-S6, EX-S8, & DS-S10 speakers.
  • Added Dante Fault reporting on all TesiraFORTE X and TesiraFORTE DAN models.
  • Added ability to set IP Settings on Media Interface on NPX Paging devices.
  • Added support for Rev B models of TesiraFORTE X and TesiraCONNECT TC-5 and TC-5D.

Bug fixes


  • Resolved issue where Tesira Software could crash when a VoIP X block was ed in "Server Only" mode.
  • Resolved issue where changing the channel count on a Parlé Processing block could cause Tesira Software to restart.
  • Resolved issue where Tesira Software would report 100% DSP utilization on Server IO DSP-2 card when it was not using 100%.


  • Resolved issue where Rev B. TesiraFORTE DAN models would only pass 2 or 4 channels of Dante audio.
  • Resolved issue where Tesira XEL Amplifiers would drop AVB Streams or become undiscoverable after reboot.
  • Resolved issue where devices running Tesira 4.0 and newer could lose network connectivity after DHCP lease renewal.
  • Resolved issue where ethernet traffic could show up on the wrong ports on TesiraFORTE X.
  • Resolved issue in which DHCP lease time not shown in TTP response for network info.
  • Resolved issue on TesiraFORTE X where the web UI would show the wrong IP Gateway.
  • Resolved issue where VoIP log would not clear a "Not Registered" fault.
  • Resolved issue where Tesira EX-UBTs connected across multiple TesiraConnects would have intermittent AVB stream drops.
  • Resolved issue with TesiraFORTE X models not receiving AES67 streams.
  • Resolved issue in which Tesira software could lose its control connection resulting in devices hanging and rebooting.

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