VoiceOver and keyboard support for self-view in meetings

In-meeting experience

VoiceOver and keyboard support for self-view in meetings

Now, you can control the self-view window during meetings using the VoiceOver screen reader or keyboard commands.

Keyboard users can use the F6 key to focus on the self-view window. Once there, they use the tab key to navigate within the window and arrow keys to move the self-view across the screen. When sharing, use Shift+Com+Con+S as a shortcut to move between all the floating windows including self-view window.

For more information see the Webex Meetings, Webex Webinars, and Webex Events (classic) accessibility features.

Vidcast experience

Automatic highlights and chapters for vidcasts

Vidcasts automatically generate summaries going over the key highlights of your vidcast. Instead of always needing to watch the entirety of a vidcast, you can now play or scroll through the highlights provided.

Automatic chapters generation

Vidcasts automatically generates chapters based on the content of your video.


Collections in vidcasts are now called playlists. Playlists help you better organize your videos, and offer sequential playback.

Enhanced sharing

Allows you to share videos to a Webex space while only granting those in the space access to view​.

New Vidcast desktop app​

This acts as a helper app to record your Vidcasts. While recording, you can move and resize vidcasts for desktop, switch between self-view and screen view, and also use floating controls.

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