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Update Crestron Toolbox: Wall Type To The Horizon Thermostat Config, CH-5, And TSW-732 Support

Version: 3.1220.0018.0 Link

Toolbox - Release 3.12.2 (Version 3.1220.0018) (7-8-2022)
MD5 Hash: [62ef11f80b612684a7532a9be3cdbadc crestron_toolbox_3.1220.0018.0.exe


  • Added support for wall type to the Horizon Thermostat Configuration Utility
  • Added support CH-5 on the UC-Engine
  • Added support for TSW-732 to the Security Audit Tool

Bug fixes

  • Resolved issue with the verify hardware button in D3-Pro
  • Resolved issue where Active Directory Groups were not configurable on the TSW-752
  • Resolved issue where for the DM-STR, the DHCP address was not reflected
  • Resolved issue where Toolbox didn't enforce the minimum password settings
  • Resolved issue where the Cresnet Master Function menu always displays "Initializing"
  • Resolved issue where the Sonnex tool failed to write the configuration file
  • Resolved issues with toolbox crashing when debugging a SIMPL program

More updates To the product

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