How to setup Gira HomeServer 4 IFTTT client?

How can I set up my Gira HomeServer 4 to work and use the IFTTT services?

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Very important to note that if you want to use IFTTT services with your Gira HomeServer 4, you will always need a remote access module, such as the Gira S1.

In the browser of your PC or laptop, navigate to the and log into your IFTTT account. After login, a new page will show up where you need to press the "Connect" button.

A new login screen for the Gira device portal will open, where you need to enter your access details.

Next, you will get an option to choose your remote access module (it will be Gira S1 if you are using Gira products), which will be the communication routing point from IFTTT to the server.

After selecting the communication model, you need to select your Gira HomeServer4 and enter the access data for the server. When you configure the server, create your own IFTTT function user and activate the option "Make available for IoT services" on that user profile.

Enable the connection by clicking on the "Allow" button and the process is completed. You can move down to creating IFTTT rules for your device.

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