Android Client Active Directory, Fixes, Workaround Details


  • Client Active Directory for Moderation (Android)
    This release allows IT Administrators to use an Active Directory group to assign moderation to a specific user.
    When this is configured, an end-user will be prompted to sign in with the AD credentials the first time they select “ Become a Moderator” on their device. If the end-user is assigned to the selected Active Directory group, they will be given moderation privileges.
    This feature is now enabled for Android.

Bug fixes

  • IUB-8192 - [Windows Client] - Privacy FAQs not accessible through keyboard navigation -Resolved
  • IUB-8432 - [Cloud server] - Telemetry and Maintenance health endpoint returns 'dead' when the services are working - Resolved
  • IUB-8681 - [Linux client] - WebRTC - Linux client fails to present screen - Resolved
  • IUB-8714 - [Windows Client] - Pin screen loses focus when client disconnects - Resolved
  • IUB-8746 - [Plugin for google calendar reader L10N] - Google Calendar Reader: stop working after a hub goes into sleep mode - Resolved
  • IUB-8998 - [Windows client and Hub] - Installer - Client and HUB can't be installed when Windows11 SmartAppControl is enabled - Resolved
  • IUB-9009 - [Google meet Installer] - Confirmation popup fails to appear - Resolved
  • IUB-9069 - [Plugin for google calendar reader] - Failed to read google calendar, every time hub is launch - Resolved

Open issues


  • IUB-9382 - [Plugin for File Sharing] - Filesharing progress bar is not updated properly


  • IUB-3163 - [Linux Client] When updating the Linux client app from v4.0 to v4.2, some user settings are not Migrated (Resolution: Users will have to reconfigure some personal settings when migrating to 4.2. -Status: Errata
  • N/A - [Hub] Earlier versions of the Intel Unite® app for the Hub (4.1.413 or earlier) are not compatible with 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Users with Hubs that have a 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor will need to upgrade to Intel Unite® app version 4.1.6111 or later. This only affects the Hub app, earlier versions if the Client app will run on 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Additionally, customers will see the following platform check error when trying to run Intel Unite® app for the Hub (4.1.413 or earlier) on 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (Check KB Article). -Status: Errata
  • IUB-1718 - [Client] When using Virtual Extended Display 2 cursors are shown on hub when the client has 3840x2160 Resolution with 200% scaling (Workaround: Set scaling to 150% or less). -Status: Errata
  • IUB-2023 - [Hub] Scaling issues when presenting with Virtual Extended Display to a 4K monitor (Resolution: Errata). -Status: Investigating
  • IUB-2599 - [Client, Hub] When moderation mode is enabled, the client app will not execute the Take Over if the client is set to Presenter (Resolution: Errata). -Status: Errata
  • IUB-1404 - [Hub] Some plugins may not be visible if a client connects just after the hub app start because the hub is still loading the plugins (Workaround: The client app can disconnect and connect again). -Status: Investigating
  • DE6805, DE6811, DE6817 - [Client] When using a scheduled meeting and a 3.x hub and 4.0 hub have the same PIN, the clients may not auto connect to the session when added (Workaround - Click on the scheduled meeting URL again or manually enter the session PIN). - Status: Errata
  • DE7575 - [Client] When auto pairing clients, if the URL (OTP) is mistyped, client SW launches and prompts for an email address (Workaround: Correct the OTP and restart the pairing process). -Status: Errata
  • DE8199 - [Mac Client] When the Mac Client is connected to a hub and loses its network connection, it goes to the provisioning screen (Workaround - Close and restart the Mac Client). -Status: Errata
  • DE8652 - [Client] SW with mouse hoverover data displaying may not appear while presenting the client to the hub (Resolution: Errata). -Status: Errata
  • DE8897 - [Mac Client] When using present an app to present video and it is changed to full screen view, the shared presentation freezes (Workaround - Exit full screen mode or use A/V mode to present video). -Status: Errata
  • DE8901 - [Mac Client] If the present an app menu is opened then one of the applications are closed and still ed to be presented, when the Present button is clicked it will relaunch of the application previously closed. The "Present" button will also change to "Stop Presenting" then back to "Present" (Workaround - Close the present an app menu and reopen it to get the correct list of active applications).Status: Errata
  • DE9025 - [Client] In client settings the to "Automatically accept connection requests when hosting a session" is available on clients that don't support this feature (Resolution: Errata). -Status: Errata
  • DE9042 - [Client] When presenting with an extended display utilizing Chrome and a full screen video then stop presenting is ed the Chrome browser will not automatically move back to the client main screen (Workaround: Reactivate the Chrome browser for it to appear on the main display. -Status: Errata
  • DE9195 - [Client] Utilizing a scheduled meeting then ing "Add Room Display" there is no button to return to the scheduled meeting lobby (Workaround - Click on the scheduled meeting URL again to return to the scheduled meeting lobby. -Status: Errata
  • DE9217 - [Admin Portal] Only the Admin user can edit the Admin acct e-mail or phone# (Resolution: Errata). -Status: Errata
  • DE9220 - [Windows Client] When two clients are presenting on the hub and one utilizes the advanced present menu - present an app without ing an application, it can perform a takeover thus the active presentations (Workaround: Make sure an application is ed in present and app, or do not take over. -Status: Errata
  • DE9235 - [Mac Client] On the Mac Client using auto-pairing and the DNS test record then clearing the user pairing token will bring up a legacy screen (Workaround: Close the app and restart). -Status: Errata
Version: 4.2.34870.38 Link
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