IO-Link IO-Link Standard
IO-Link Standard
newcomer (83)scott41
asked by scott41

What do I have to pay attention to when wiring?

What do I have to pay attention to when wiring?



expert (2252)over9k
Top answer by over9k

Shielding is not required and standardised 3-wire cables or individual cables in the control cabinet are used.

expert (2139)mechatronic-alex
answered by mechatronic-alex

Standardized 3-conductor cables or, in the control cabinet, individual leads are used. No shield is required.

pioneer (323)jayson-phillis
answered by jayson-phillis

In terms of the wiring, IO-Link uses the well-known 3 wire standard cable with standard connectors M12, M8, or M5.

It replaces the cumbersome transmission of the analog signals over a shielded cable, standardizing the interfaces and cables with one single type.

IO-Link provides transparency to the field device level, based on the conventional point-to-point wiring.

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