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IO-Link Standard
pioneer (103)jhoerle
asked by jhoerle

What is the maximum distance between interface and field device?

How far can the connection between the interface and the field device be?



expert (2252)over9k
Top answer by over9k

A maximum extension of 20 m between each individual connection is possible.

expert (2139)mechatronic-alex
answered by mechatronic-alex

The maximum distance is 20m, but smaller distances are recommended for better functioning.

pioneer (323)jayson-phillis
answered by jayson-phillis

The maximum IO-Link extension for each connection is 20 meters long guaranteed.

However, there is a possibility of designing a series of connections with several repeaters that can increase the IO-Link connection up to 100 meters.

The repeaters are simply installed in series into the cable, depending on the specific application and requested range. Of course, the range always depends on the transmission type, cable crosssection, and the current consumption of the devices connected.

It is worth mentioning that the more repeaters you use, the price will go up as well.

Answer what-is-the-maximum-distance-between-interface-and-field-device

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