How to setup Jabra PanaCast Intelligent Zoom?

How can I set up or adjust the Intelligent Zoom feature from Jabra PanaCast to better focus the view field?


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To perform the necessary steps, you will need to have Jabra Direct software installed on your PC/laptop.

In the Jabra Direct software, select your Jabra PanaCast and click on the Device menu.

Open Device Settings and in the Camera tab, you will find the Intelligent Zoom section, from where you will have three options:

  • Off
  • Neutral - the view field will be centered on the people/person and crop the shot with a step by step mode
  • Instant - the view field will be centered on the people/person and crop the shot instantly, in one single step

After you choose the settings, click Apply at the bottom. Your Jabra PanaCast will reboot itself and start up with the new settings.

Note that the Intelligent Zoom works at an approximate distance of up to 5.8m/19ft from the Jabra PanaCast, disabling the manual control of Tilt, Pan, and Zoom in the Jabra Direct software. It is not recommended for you to change these settings while you are on a video conference call.

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