How to solve Jabra PanaCast flickering and freezing?

I have been experiencing some issues with the video and image quality of my Jabra PanaCast.

I believe the problems are connected to installation or setup.

Does anyone have suggestions or experience with it?

markus / enthusiast (140)


Some of the reasons why you might experience freezing or flickering on Jabra PanaCast video images include the setup and installation. The main issues/solutions will be listed below:

Possible cables issues - you need to use only the included Jabra cables, which come as a 1m/3ft cable and the al 1.8m/5.9ft cable. If you are having problems, check another original Jabra PanaCast cable, probably for a working camera so you can exclude cables problems.

While using USB extender cables or USB hubs, make sure these come from a Jabra-approved list of solutions.

Swap the USB port on your PC/laptop, or test the camera on another computer.

If some video streaming application is causing issues, try the same with another application or order to see if the issues are still present.

In some world regions or countries, video flickering might occur because the current operate on 50 Hz, or you are using the Jabra PanaCast in extreme lighting conditions (the lighting conditions are not a problem connected with the current). For these situations, go to Jabra Direct and set the Line frequency to 50 Hz (for Jabra Direct versions of 4.x or greater).

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