How to pair Jabra Speak 510 via Bluetooth?

What are the necessary steps to connect my Jabra Speak 510 with a smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device via Bluetooth?


You can pair your Jabra Speak 510 with any mobile device by following a few simple steps.

On the Jabra Speak 510, press and hold the Bluetooth button for around 2 seconds in order to enter the pairing mode.

Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile device you are going to be pairing with and in the Bluetooth menu, find and select the Jabra Speak 510.

If you are asked for a pin code, enter "0000" (four zeros).

There is an option to connect your Jabra Speak 510 with your Bluetooth headset, but the steps are a little bit different.

Your Bluetooth headset should be placed into pairing mode to start.

Once you plug in the Jabra Speak 510 into any USB port on your computer, press and hold the Bluetooth button, for around 8 seconds until the Bluetooth light flashes blue and then green.

If you hear the "Connect to headset", release the button.

When the lights turn solid blue, the connection is established, and all audio from the computer will be transferred to the Bluetooth headset.

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