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What kind of tables does KNX use?

What types of tables and objects are defined with the KNX bus system, and what is their purpose for the automation?

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The KNX bus system does use and support three different tables:

  • Group tables
  • Address tables
  • Association tables

The Group Tables of devices contain all the Group Objects that can be activated on the bus they are present on, where the object table is defined by the manufacturers. Which of the Group Objects or set of them is active is defined by the device parameters.

The size of the Group Table and the Group Objects table cannot be changed by ETS software and is defined by the manufacturers.

Address Tables contain all of the Group Addresses that are assigned to the Group Objects, added to the address tables in the same order as they are assigned to the Group Objects of that device in ETS.

The maximum number of Group Addresses to be added to the address table is defined by the manufacturers, not possible to be changed in ETS software.

The Association Tables contain all the links between the Group and the Address Tables, where the links are added in the same order as the Group Addresses have been assigned to the Group Objects on a device in the ETS software project.

The maximum number of associations is defined by the manufacturer and cannot be changed in the ETS software.

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