Via Zoom Rooms: Flexible active speaker view and upgrade support

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[Release notes for Zoom Rooms]

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Support for DTEN D7X 55” Android Edition devices- Appliances
    • Support for Yealink A10 devices - Appliances
  • In-meeting features
    • Flexible active speaker view - Mac, Appliances, iPad zr, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Web zrc
      When this view is enabled, active speaker view will be displayed when a remote participant speaks. Once the participant stops speaking for 15 seconds, the meeting will revert to gallery view or the background screen until another participant starts talking.
  • Management features
    • Use Display Name for Zoom Room in-meeting - Win, Mac, Appliances, iPad zr
      Administrators can set the display name for a shared Zoom Room to be used when the room joins meetings, causing the Display Name to be shown to other meeting participants when the Zoom Room is in a waiting room, in the meeting participant list, and as the label on its video.
    • Upgrade Zoom Room from device - Win, Win zrc, Web zrc
      Administrators can upgrade a Zoom Room from the device itself (Zoom Rooms for Touch) or Zoom Room Controller rather than using the web portal. This function can be toggled from the web portal.
    • Enhanced Zoom Room lockout notification and manual unlock ability - Win, Mac, Appliances, iPad zr, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Win zrc, Web zrc
      Administrators can enable a “ room locked” alert email after five incorrect meeting password attempts. Once the room is locked, users will see a message telling them how long they have to wait until the room is unlocked and an email alert will be sent to the designated recipients. The recipients can manually override a locked room if the meeting is hosted by the same organization that the room belongs to. To override, the recipients click “ unlock room” in the email alert they receive.
  • Controller features
    • iOS 11 notification - iOS zrc
      iPad and iPhone controllers running iOS versions earlier than iOS 11 will be notified that support for their iOS version will be discontinued in the Zoom Rooms Controller April 2023 release. Learn more about affected devices and recommended replacement options in our support article.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements - Win, Mac, Android zrc, Win zrc
Version: 5.13.5 Link
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