How to create a new Loxone Miniserver password?

I want to change the password of my Loxone Miniserver, what are the ways and possibilities to do that?

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As for any other system, a strong and secure password is of the essence to protect your Loxone system, and therefore your house. Any system is as secure as the password that is protecting it from unwanted access. Here we will explain how to change your password from your Loxone smartphone app or as an administrator.

How to change your password on the Loxone smartphone app:

  • Connect to the Loxone Miniserver and open the Navigation menu
  • Press on the gear icon next to your Miniserver and press the Settings once the menu is open
  • Find the "Current User" heading and click on it (if this is unavailable, that means that the password changing via the app is disabled by your Loxone Partner - you need to contact them)
  • For verifying, enter your current password
  • In this last step, enter your new password

How to change the Loxone password as an administrator:

  • Navigate to the "User Administration" section in the Miniserver settings
  • Select the desired user from the list and perform the management (if the "User Management" is not available, this function is disabled for your user account)

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