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How to link Function Blocks with Loxone Miniserver?

What are the steps to design and link functional blocks with the Loxone Miniserver?



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The Linking of functional blocks feature enables you to display additional objects within the graphical interface of a functional block.

Following is an example of how to link a controller with some additional objects.

As presented in the picture down below, you need to click on the selected Function blocks in the properties tab.

Answer how-to-link-function-blocks-with-loxone-miniserver

Since no blocks are ed yet, press on the Add button:

Answer how-to-link-function-blocks-with-loxone-miniserver

A new window will be opened listing all the existing objects, where they can be filtered using the search field. Each of the columns can be sorted by name.

Since we are taking an example where the Kitchen products will be used and linked, we apply the word kitchen in the search bar and afterward, we select the CO2, humidity, and the Room Ventilation Controller, and press Apply.

Answer how-to-link-function-blocks-with-loxone-miniserver

After applying, the selected objects are being linked and you can change their order using the arrow buttons:

Answer how-to-link-function-blocks-with-loxone-miniserver

In the end, if you are satisfied with the order, click on Accept and save the program to the Loxone Miniserver.

If you open the Loxone App or the web interface you can navigate to the Intelligent Room Controller. The objects that we linked in the example are going to be displayed below the block functions, thus improving and simplifying the user experience.

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