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Hi. At my education institution we run online drop ins. where students can show up without booking an appointment. However, as it is first come first served, it means we have to have a queuing system i.e. we would speak to one student for about 15-20 minutes and then see the next. So, we have to put all those who are waiting into the lobby.

Two questions:

- Is there a way to display information in the lobby so everyone knows I am with a student and they need to wait, without having to tell each new person this?

- How can I message the lobby without having to use the @ with a student i.e. if I just type in the chatbox then those in the lobby won't see it, but if I use @ with a student in the lobby, they see it


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  1. Displaying information in the lobby: You can create a text channel for the queue in your Microsoft Teams team and provide the information to the waiters there. Once the students enter the queue, you can ask them to join the text channel. You can then send a message to the text channel informing them that you are already talking to another student and asking them to wait patiently. This way, everyone waiting can see that you are talking to a student and they can independently track their position in the queue.
  1. Send a message to all waiting students: You can also send a message to all waiting students without using the @ symbol. To do this, you just need to select the lobby as a group and send a message. For example, if you have created a text channel for the queue, you can send a message to the channel and all waiting people will see the message.

To select the lobby as a group and send a message, you can follow these steps:

  1. click Teams in the left navigation bar and select the channel where the lobby was created.
  2. click the Participants icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the list of participants.
    Select all the participants in the lobby by selecting the checkbox next to each name. 4.
  3. click the Send Message icon at the bottom of the list of attendees to send a message to everyone waiting.
  4. this will send a message to all waiting participants in the lobby without using the @ symbol.

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