ODVA DeviceNet
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asked by ronald_keys

What is DeviceNet?

What's DeviceNet all about?



newcomer (98)pergande.tosca
answered by pergande.tosca

DeviceNet, a fieldbus based on CAN bus technology with an 11-bit identification standard.

expert (2252)over9k
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DeviceNet reduces costs and time for the installation of industrial devices and is a compact network solution.

pioneer (152)Motorrad
answered by Motorrad

DeviceNet is an open network standard.

pioneer (323)jayson-phillis
answered by jayson-phillis

DeviceNet is a digital, multi-drop Fieldbus network connecting and serving as a communication line between controllers and I/O devices, thus providing the users a cost-effective network.

Uses trunkline-dropline topology, providing DC power available on the network cables to simplify the installations for device power up to 24 Vdc, 8 Amps.

Utilizes the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) for the upper layers, encompassing a comprehensive suite of messages and services for multiple automation and manufacturing applications.

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