What is the difference between DeviceNet and ControlNet?

Even if DeviceNet and ControlNet are controlled from the same organization - ODVA, do any notable differences exist in the way they function and provide the communication?

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DeviceNet is a communication protocol that works on top of Controller Area Network (CAN), using the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) to deliver a low-cost, open and effective communication network for industrial devices.

DeviceNet supplies power and signal in one cable which lowers the deployment costs, it is ideal for small-scale IIoT implementation, is easier to troubleshoot and there are lower maintenance and troubleshooting issues.

ControlNet also manages CIP, same as DeviceNet, used for industrial automation but in cases that require much larger data volume in devices as motion sensing, motion, visual control, and robotics.

ControlNet supports more devices in a network, higher transfer rates, it can function by using optics on a distance of up to 1000 meters without a repeater and the data utilization is more flexible and sophisticated.

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