How to send and receive large data using explicit messaging??

How can I transfer large data say few hundred kilobytes using explicit messaging? Some of my vendor specific objects may contain 100 or more attributes. If I want to implement get all and set all services for such objects, is there any limitation on the number of bytes that I can send using explicit messaging for such get all and set all services?

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To transfer large amounts of data using EtherNet/IP explicit messaging, it is important to note that the maximum size of an explicit message is limited by the size of the Ethernet frame and the maximum transfer unit of the network. You can overcome these limitations by using multiple requests or the EtherNet/IP Fragmentation and Reassembly mechanism.
To use the FRA mechanism, the sender must indicate that the data is fragmented by setting the appropriate flag in the EtherNet/IP message header. The sender must also indicate the total length of the data and the size of each fragment. The receiver must then reassemble the fragments in the correct order using the sequence numbers in the message header.

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