Like the rest of the CCX series, the CCX 500 offers the same high-quality sound through Poly's built-in technologies like HD Voice & Acoustic Clarity for its sound delivery and the Acoustic Fence as its noise cancellation solution. This business media phone has a 5-inch multi-touch screen that provides a sharp, fast, and responsive way to interact with the phone. It offers decent collaboration functionalities and the familiar interface through a dedicated quick access Microsoft Teams button. The addition of the USB type A & C ports provide support for current Teams certified accessories and makes the phone future proof for upcoming headsets/accessories. It is Bluetooth-ready and Wi-Fi connectivity is also possible via a USB dongle.

CCX 500

The Poly CCX 500 is the mid-tier offering from Poly's CCX series with a decent feature set to improve communication and collaboration experience.

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Microsoft Teams

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Unified Communication



  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Fixes Calling, Configuration , Networking, And Provisioning Issues



    This release includes all the features and important fixes from earlier 7.3.x releases as well as:

    • Microsoft Teams version rollback to 2022 update 1C


    Bug fixes

    • Calling - On...

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  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Brings Various New Features And Several Field Fixes


    Web Proxy Auto Discovery Enabled by Default
    The web proxy auto discovery feature is now enabled by default in all base profiles on Poly CCX phones. Once you configure DHCP 252 on your ...

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  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Brings Mandatory Message Confirmation For Outbound Calls


    Add a Mandatory Message Confirmation for Outbound Calls
    Configure Poly Trio systems to lock and display a configurable message when the phone boots up after losing power. Until a user ...

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