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Update Poly Trio 8500: Zoom Rooms Controller Update, Zoom Nomadic 911, And Some Fixes

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  • Zoom Rooms Controller Update
    Trio 8500 and 8800 systems, when optimized for Zoom Rooms, act as a controller for Zoom Rooms via the system's touch user interface and provide audio for Zoom Room meetings through the built-in speakers and microphones.
    This software release runs Zoom Rooms Controller software 5.11.0 (1386) as embedded software. For more information on this Zoom release, see the Zoom Help Center.
    For the latest setup instructions, see the Integrating Poly Trio Systems with Zoom Rooms Solution Guide at Poly Support.
  • Zoom Nomadic 911: LLDP support for Chassis & PortSubtype
    Using LLDP, the phone can read the connected switch's chassis & port subtype and share the values with the Zoom PBX as part of a SIP REGISTER message using the Zoom X-Switch-Info header.
    For more information, see Zoom Support - Nomadic Emergency Services

Bug fixes

  • User interface - Changes to settings unrelated to web proxy no longer cause a change in the web proxy host name and port.
  • User interface - Sometimes when meetings are canceled, they are not automatically removed from the list of meetings shown on Trio.
  • WiFi - Setting the WiFi country of operation is not applied until the phone is manually rebooted

Open issues

  • Interoperability - Microsoft Exchange calendar on CCX and Trio incorrectly displays a cancelled meeting if that occurrence within a series is canceled.
  • Pairing - Trio 8300 paired with a Visual+ is unable to disable Self View when in a call and content is being shared.

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