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Update Poly Trio C60: Updated Name To Poly Voice Software (PVOS), New Features & Improvements

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A New Name - Poly Voice Software (PVOS)
• Poly's new Edge E desk phone series is joining the CCX business media phones, the Poly Trio C60 conference phones and the Trio 8300 conference phones under a new software name to signify our desire to deliver a truly unified experience. The previous Unified Communications Software (UCS) name began when video first became part of the voice desktop communications story and now, with a growing portfolio of products offering a wide range of customized partner experiences, spanning several operating systems, Poly Voice Software will bring together the
best new features and communication enhancements from Poly in joint software releases.
• Starting with version 8.0.0, Poly Voice Software (PVOS) is the new name for Poly United Communications (UC) Software. PVOS will be used in all technical documentation for Poly CCX business media phones in this and all later releases.

Improved Line Key Assignments
• After the line key assignment feature is enabled, the default category of a line key is now Any instead of Unassigned. As a result, speed dialing and other end-user-defined keys appear even if they aren't managed explicitly by the configuration file.

Contact Support Menu
• A new Contact Support menu is available as a top level element in the settings menu that you can customize with text to convey how to contact support, contact hours, email addresses, and dialable contact numbers.


License File Import from the Web System Interface
• License files can now be imported from the phone's web UI in the same way a configuration file may be imported.

Web UI Security
• HTTPSecurecookie attribute is now in use.

Minimized Reboot Parameters for Hotdesking
• To improve the speed of hotdesking, this release removes the reboot requirement for several configuration parameters. You can now adjust the following parameters without requiring the phone to reboot:

  • acd.reg
  • voIpProt.SIP.acd.signalingMethod
  • feature.acdLoginLogout.enabled
  • feature.acdAgentAvailability.enabled
  • feature.acdServiceControlUri.enabled
  • feature.acdPremiumUnavailability.enabled

Persistent Redial Button
• The Redial button and menu ions now remain present after rebooting rather than
appearing only after someone makes a call.

Web Proxy Improvements
• This release makes improvements to make setting up your web proxy easier.

  • A web proxy username is no longer required.
  • The'feature.wpad.basicAuth.enabled' parameter is now deprecated. The basic web proxy authentication using a username and password is now always available.
  • You can now export proxy from the phone's web UI on theDiagnostics> Web Proxy Auto
    Discovery (WPAD) Statuspage.
  • Web proxy logging and diagnostics are now accessible as part of the exported System Log package and from the WPAD diagnostics page on the web UI.

Zoom Warm Transfer
• This release includes a Zoom warm transfer interoperability improvement to support Zoom's

Partner App Updates
• The Zoom Room Connector and Microsoft Teams applications have been updated.

Bug fixes

  • Application - When attempting to configure the Polycom Trio C60 to use the feature
    "Genband Personal Address Book" the device goes into a boot loop.
  • Networking - On Trio C60, after setting and saving the Wi-Fi Country of Operation from the Teams Administrator settings menu, the ed country will not be shown if returning to the same menu after the phone has rebooted. The chosen country however, does remain in effect.
  • Networking - The DNS server can't resolve public addresses. This causes PHSupdates not to work and Teams can't connect to the Company Portal and log in to Teams.
  • Networking - Failure to parse SCEP requests that use indefinite-length BER encoding in their PKCS#7 payloads.
  • Software - When using Poly Trio C60 in USB Optimized mode, if Trio C60 is muted before starting a call, the Teams application on the PC doesn't show mute enabled when the call connects but Trio C60 is actually be muted and shows red mute lights.

Open issues

  • Peripherals -When Trio C60 is configured in USBOptimized mode, software updateusing a USB flash drive (Workaround: Keep the USB flash driveconnected and navigate into Settings > AdministratorSettings > NetworkConfigurationto temporarilychange the base profile which willtrigger the software update).

More updates To the product

Stay tuned for future Poly Trio C60 Updates

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