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Is it possible to change the DNS port when sending email from the device?

Hello,at a corporate customer we have the problem that the device seems to use an individual DNS port for name resolution (TLS 853). The customer is behind a corporate firewall and does not get clearance for this forwarding so the question would be if it is possible to change this DNS port on the device?Via the normal interface we only get to the DNS IPs, but not to the port. Presumably you would have to go down into Android to edit this setting or?

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  • The port settings for DNS are not customizable.
  • The device is not running Android but a customized Linux version: Samsung Proprietary OS (Tizen).
  • However, if it is such a large firewall, a single port share can be made for the device without opening the port for the whole company. Check the documentation of the firewall software

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