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Flip 2 (WM55R/WM65R)

Samsung Flip 2 Remote Desktop?

Hi all, I have a problem using the Remote Desktop on the Samsung Flip 2. I have a USB keyboard (German) connected to the Flip,

and then want to log in to a remote PC.

PCName and username is all no issue (it also takes the German keyboard layout) the 3 line is HID the password entry (with *).

The funny colleague takes here now not the German keyboard layout but the English. (@ is entered with Shift+2).

Samsung support says that no one has reported except me, so no one does anything.

I find it super to make such a statement on a business device.

Do you have the problem too?

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Hi, I just connected a German keyboard to our Flip 2 (version: 1070) and the German layout was recognized. Is your language setting in German?

it-at / expert (1169)

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