Universal Robots UR5 and ODVA EtherNet/IP are compatible

Universal Robots UR5

Universal Robots

ODVA EtherNet/IP


Universal Robots UR5 from Collaborative Robots and ODVA EtherNet/IP from Standards & Bus-Systems are compatible. This is confirmed by 12 from a total of 16 users of the devicebase community.

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16 User reviews of compatibility

The compatibility rating comes from the devicebase community, devicebase editorial team or the manufacturer itself. That Universal Robots UR5 from the Collaborative Robots category and ODVA EtherNet/IP from the Standards & Bus-Systems category are compatible was confirmed by 12 of the total 16 of user reviews. This gives a compatibility rate of 75%. You have had other experiences? Then we look forward to your review here:

Does work

wilmsen.jules v.wohlgemut TrialbyCombat Timothy t.hiller rhearons

Does not work

zminga sblagburn

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