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newcomer (8)user1663253409
asked by user1663253409

Reset to factory settings ?

How can I reset the wallbox to factory settings?



pioneer (103)hugh-eddie
answered by hugh-eddie

In order to reset the charging station, you need to use the touch control switch (please do not press it, just use touch without gloves).

In this part of the station, the touch control switch is used for acknowledging faults of the system. Touch and hold the switch for at least 10 seconds.

After this, the system will start a self-test and reset any failures. When any fault is rectified, the charging station will switch back to the "standby" mode.

Hope this helps!

newcomer (8)tthulesius
answered by tthulesius

Where is the Switch ??
I cannot find it on my WEBASTo NEXT.

B.R / Tilman

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