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See own desktop after screen share of others?

The following happens during a Zoom webinar: I want to share my screen just before the attendees see my selected window, and a split second after I end my screen share, the attendees see their own desktop before the Zoom window appears again. What is the reason for this?

I tested it with colleagues, in the reverse case - I participate as a participant, someone else shares the screen - same phenomenon: I briefly see my own desktop.

I have held webinars many times and I have never had this problem.

Thank you for your ideas!

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This behavior usually occurs when the Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Playback feature is enabled. This feature is enabled by default in Zoom and is intended to ensure that video transfers as smoothly as possible during screen sharing.

When you share your screen, Zoom will automatically try to optimize the transfer by adjusting the frame rate and quality of the screen share. When you stop sharing, Zoom must change the screen mode to return to the Zoom window. During this transition, there may be a brief interruption in the transfer, which may cause participants to see their own desktop briefly before the Zoom window reappears.

You may be able to reduce or prevent this behavior by disabling the Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Playback feature or using a higher bandwidth.

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