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Update Zoom Inc. Zoom Video Conferencing: Workspace Reservation On The Zoom Mobile Apps Support

Version: Varies with device/platform Link

[Release notes for Workspace Reservation]



  • User features
    • Support for Workspace Reservation on the Zoom mobile apps
      Workspace Reservation's mobile app integration allows users to reserve workspaces from their mobile device and the Zoom mobile app. Workspace Reservation includes the following features for users on mobile devices:
      • Reserve workspaces before coming into the office
      • Find available seats/rooms based on the specific time period users want to reserve
      • Select the location the users will visit to display the relevant floor map. Once a map is opened, it will save as a default location, and users will always have the option to switch to another floor/default location.
      • Click a reservation to view its location on the floor map and view where others are sitting.
Bug fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

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