Certificate Management, Crestron And AMX API Integrations, And Fixes



  • Certificate management- installation and management of authentication keys and certificates. To access this feature, you must first update the Bose Work Configuration app, the Bose Work Management app, and/or the Bose Videobar firmware (which hosts the WebUI).
  • Crestron API integration - pre-built module that allows network integrators to interface VB1 with Crestron control and monitoring solutions
  • AMX API integration - pre-built module that allows network integrators to interface VB1 with AMX control and monitoring solutions


  • Network security improvements
  • Image quality improvements:
    - or adjustments (hue and saturation) to produce a more visually pleasant image
    - Brightness, contrast, and gamma adjustments to achieve more accurate exposure

Bug fixes

  • macOS Monterey (Version 12) compatibility with automatic exposure and manual brightness control
  • USB connectivity issues when using Microsoft Teams on Mac computers
  • Video signal dropout during meeting/call when using Barco ClickShare devices with Bose Videobar
  • HID communication issues after waking Bose Videobar from networked standby mode

Open issues

  • Bose Videobar devices with old firmware (v1.0-v1.2) cannot be added to the Device List by entering their IP addresses manually in the Bose Work Management app.
  • Bose Videobar device names cannot use special characters. Acceptable characters include letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and hyphens (-).
  • To set a Bose Videobar VB1 to use a wireless EAP connection and disable its wired connection, use the Bose Work Configuration app rather than the Bose Work Management app (which relies on a network connection to modify secured network settings). This will
    ensure all data remains in sync.
  • On rare occasions, after 2 hours of inactivity and no network or USB connection, Bose Videobar may not exit its low-power/standby mode after connecting a macOS device to its USB port. If this occurs, reboot or power-cycle the Videobar and reconnect the macOS
    device. To prevent the issue in the future, use the Bose Work Configuration app or WebUI to disable the low-power mode (click the Configuration tab, click System, and set the Low
    Power Mode
    switch to Disabled). An error message may appear in the Bose Work Configuration app or WebUI but will disappear after connecting to a new device.
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