Rolling blind configuration ?

Hi All, I would like to configure ABB Taceto TB/12.7.1 switch as if short press will move down shutter totally and continues press will move it down as long as the button is pressed. I’ m using JRA/s Actuator. Best configuration?


To configure the ABB Taceto TB/12.7.1 switch so that a short press brings the shutter down completely and another press brings it down as long as the button is pressed, you can make the following configuration on the actuator JRA/s

  1. open ETS and import the product database of your actuator.
  2. create a new group address for the shutter control.
  3. configure the group address as "blind" and "without feedback".
  4. configure the switch as "push button" and "with feedback".
    Assign the group address to the switch. 1.
  5. configure the parameters of the actuator as follows:
  • Parameter 1 (operation mode): "blind mode (roller blind)"
  • Parameter 2 (running time): according to the running time of your shutter
  • Parameter 3 (running direction): "upward control = upward travel"
  • Parameter 4 (running direction): "Downward control = Downward travel"
  • Parameter 5 (button function): "Start/stop function"
  • Parameter 6 (pushbutton type): "Impulse button"
  • Parameter 7 (Delay time): "0 seconds"

With this, the switch should work as desired. If you press the switch briefly, the shutter should go down completely, and if you press and hold the switch again, the shutter should continue to go down until you release the switch.

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