What are KNX couplers used for?

What can we use the couplers for in one KNX bus network, area, line, or segment?

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The couplers can help and contribute to a KNX network in three precise ways:

  • Filter - based on Group Addresses and filter tables or Individual Addresses
  • Hop Count
  • or LL acknowledgment

Filtering addresses

The filtering process can optimize the bus traffic, where couplers can make sure that telegrams appear in places where they are useful. The filtering is completed only by the couplers, and no repeaters!

Hop Count

Hop Count is a feature that makes sure multicast telegrams never travel without ending throughout the whole KNX network even if there are any topological mistakes.

LL acknowledgments/repetitions

If the sender device and the destination one are in the same line, then the LL acknowledgments are sent directly by the destination devices and possible repetitions are sent by the sender device. If those devices are not on the same line, then the coupler is responsible for taking care of the LL acknowledgments and possible repetitions.

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