New improved user interfaces and functionalities with multiple bug fixes

New features

User Interface & Functionality

  • Licensing: Cloud licensing
  • Licensing: Guided licensing for ETS Apps
  • Project compare
  • Added the Ukrainian language
  • Archive: Added option to use the same archive folder for backup when having multiple projects selected
  • Archive: Added "Delete" option for project versions
  • Archive: Added a warning when the user tries to delete the last project version
  • Secure: Allow pasting device certificates from the clipboard


  • Allow defining the backbone connection via the SDK


User Interface & Functionality

  • User Experience
    • Context menu on project tiles
    • Display of lock states on the project tiles
    • Monitor: Automatic use of an interface if it is the only one in the project and it is also discovered
    • Monitor: Display of the interface name that is used
    • Archive: "Restore" action is moved from the "Quick actions" menu to the project tile
    • Archive: Automatic Lock/Unlock of a project when restoring it from/backing it to the archive
    • Archive: Added "drag-drop" support when moving projects
    • Archive: Compare dialog improvements
    • Diagnostics: Added a "Back" button to the diagnostic wizard
    • Diagnostics: Extend the error messages that are shown in several cases
    • App: Project tracing functionality
    • Windows default keyboard shortcuts support
    • Group address import: Improve error indications when importing wrong-formatted .csv file
    • Command line: Allow invoking an app upon project open
    • Address strategy for creation of additional individual addresses changed to 'Reverse Addressing'
    • Keep the device address(es) stable when moving devices inside the same sub-network

Bug fixes

User Interface & Functionality

  • KNX Secure
    • Diagnostics: Switching the LED does not work with secured devices
    • Download: IP Security configuration is done twice
  • User Experience
    • In some cases, ETS freezes when a download is triggered
    • The parameter dialog of a device with a download-plugin is not shown when ETS runs in native mode
    • Download: Local download via EMI1 USB does not work
    • Download: Download KNX Secure Segment Coupler accesses same resources multiple times
    • Download: Load individual address via routing does not work
    • Free level group address bug when moving
    • In some cases group address deletion deletes middle group instead
    • App re-installation/update via command line leads to error
    • Monitor: Long term recording: no file switch at midnight
    • Monitor: Merging telegram traces does not work
    • Monitor: Column "Interface" cannot be deactivated and is always active
    • Group address export: The Datapoint Type/Subtype is not exported as displayed in sidebar
    • Report: The single device report does not display the serial number
    • The "Adr" flag was not set when loaded via an external ETS App
    • Use of workspaces had in some cases a memory usage increase
    • In some cases it is possible to add devices in Buildings, Building Parts and Floors
    • ETS did not consider the restore point options when opening/closing a project


  • DeviceManagement.Restart does not support DataSecurity
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