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Has anyone had any experience with this?

Has anyone had any experience with this for use in a home office or office environment?


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Really a wonder dock. Several workstations in the office are equipped with it. The workstation is clean, neat and tidy. There is a USB-C cable hanging off the dock. I plug that in, the rest is nice and tidy. Everything is passed through to the laptop, even power if the laptop can do that. Audio quality is killer compared to the normal built-in speakers and microphones in the laptop. What I like quite a bit are the controls right on the top of the dock. I don't have to find the mouse first and then the button, I can just go right from the button. And the whole thing was plug-and-play, so no pesky drivers to install. New laptop, box on, laptop to dock and straight mouse, keyboard, screen and setup could start. White screen with white dock looks really great. Am mega thrilled.

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