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Update Microsoft Windows Server: A non-security update including quality improvements

Version: 20348.1311 Link


  • It addresses the suspension of daylight saving time (DST) in the Republic of Fiji for this year.
  • It addresses an issue that affects cluster name objects (CNO) or virtual computer objects (VCO). Password reset fails. The error message is, " There was an error resetting the AD password... // 0x80070005” .
  • It addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Direct3D 9 (D3D9). It causes D3D9 to stop working when users use Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • It addresses an issue that affects end-user-defined characters (EUDC). When users disable them, their device stops working.
  • It addresses an issue that affects transparency in layered windows. This occurs when users are in High Definition remote applications integrated locally (RAIL) mode.
  • It addresses an issue that affects the Windows Firewall service. It does not start when users turn on the Override block rules option.
  • It addresses an issue that might affect applications that run on the Windows Lock Down Policy (WLDP). They might stop working.
  • It addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Automated investigation blocks live response investigations.
  • It addresses a timing issue in the Remote desktop. It causes devices to stop working during the licensing process.

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