Samsung Flip 2 (WM55R/WM65R)
Flip 2 (WM55R/WM65R)
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Can someone explain the email setup to me?

I do not understand the instructions for setting up an email address, this is after all a prerequisite for sending lists (=charts) by mail. Would be very grateful if someone could help who has already set it up. It is not explained plausibly in the manual. When setting it up, it keeps giving me errors, but doesn't show me what I entered wrong.

  1. As I understand it, I have to enter a valid existing email address in the form. Is that correct?
  2. What is meant by the field "Authentication" or what should I enter there?
  3. Should at "Port" the port specified by the provider for the outgoing mail server to?
  4. What does the selection between "Default account" and "Personal account"? I have selected "Personal Account" and am now stuck in an infinite loop during setup, where only a factory reset seems to help.

Really appreciate any advice :-)



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