Writing with finger?

Is it possible to use a finger instead of a pen. If so, how is it activated?


Yes, it is possible to use your finger instead of a pen on the Samsung Flip 2. The whiteboard is equipped with touchscreen technology that allows you to use your finger to interact with the display.

To activate touch mode on the Samsung Flip 2, simply touch the screen with your finger. The whiteboard will automatically detect your touch and switch to touch mode. In touch mode, you can use your finger to write, draw, and interact with the display just like you would with a pen.

Up to 4 people can write simultaneously and erase drawings with a finger or palm swipe.

Note that if the pen is detected near the display, the Samsung Flip 2 will automatically switch to pen mode. To switch back to touch mode, simply remove the pen from the display and touch the screen with your finger.

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