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ID.Charger Connect Wallbox

Installation problems?

My electrician has installed the ID Charger (base). 3 bevels. At start the left light is red. The self test has detected an error. The car is not yet connected. HMI cable seems to be mounted correctly, but what is the problem?

the explanation of the dipswitches is I'm manual unclear. Could this be the solution? Or 112.

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The red light and self-test error indicate that the charger has a problem. Here are some steps you can try:

  • Verify that the HMI cable is properly connected. If the cable is not connected properly, it may cause errors in the charger's self-test. Make sure that all connections are tight.
  • Check that the charger is correctly connected to the power supply. There may be a problem with the charger's power supply that is preventing the self-test.
  • Check the settings of the dip switches. If you feel that the instructions for the dip switches are unclear, you can try contacting the charger manufacturer for more information. It may be necessary to configure the dip switches correctly for the charger to function properly.

If the problem persists, contact the VW ID Charger's manufacturer's customer service for further assistance. You may be able to return the charger for repair or replacement.

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