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ID.Charger Connect Wallbox

All 4 lamps are permanently red and charging not possible?

After installing the box, booting up, establishing the W-LAN connection and logging into the app We Connect, the box is displayed there as available.

But it is not! All lamps show red throughout and the charging of a test car did not work either. No connection is established.

Queries to support have been unanswered for 3 weeks.

Maybe someone can help me.

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There are different models of this charging station, the ID.Charger Connect and ID.Charger Pro start the charging process when a charging card is presented.

It sounds as if the cable was plugged in without initialization via charging card.

Furthermore, the availability in the app also indicates that the activation of the station was not via the charging card.

fbrgstllr / skilled (642)

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