Zoom Virtual Agent & Outlook add-in: Event based support & Swedish language support

Release notes for Zoom Virtual Agent

New and enhanced feature

  • Event based support
    A new support channel type has been created, emitting events that brands can listen to, allowing them to continue the support escalation process with their preferred CRM and UI. This feature caters to new front-end chat integrations and addresses the needs of brands that prefer not to utilize embedded-agent-chat capabilities.

Third-party interface using Sunshine

  • Zoom Virtual Agent admin and account owners can integrate Zoom Virtual Agent as a bot with third-part interface using Sunshine, a popular 3rd party messaging platform. This integration allows Zoom Virtual Agent to operate as a bot within the Sunshine Conversation interface, expanding its capabilities beyond the Zoom Virtual Agent web SDK.
  • Improvements to Route To widget
    The Route To widget has been improved to help streamline consumer navigation. Previously, users were required to click a button for redirection to a support channel, potentially introducing complexity, especially when only one option was available. To resolve this, when a single route exit is configured, the button is now optional, and the system automatically initiates the redirection to the support channel without the need for user interaction.
  • Engagement form field enhancements
    Consumers will no longer experience form field descriptions being truncated or cut off when admins use the WebSDK for engagement forms. Account owners and admins can now create longer, more descriptive form field help text without worrying about descriptions getting cut off or truncated unexpectedly. This provides a better form filling experience for consumers.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Release notes for Outlook add-in

New and enhanced features

  • Swedish language support
    The Zoom for Outlook add-in includes language support for Swedish.
  • Enable auto-start Meeting Summary and Meeting Query
    When scheduling a meeting in Outlook add-in, admins and hosts have the ability to enable auto-start for AI Companion questions, similar to Summary.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug issues
  • Resolved an issue where the Zoom for Outlook Add-in was unable to recognize a previously scheduled meeting. Users were experiencing a prompt to open a new window when scheduling a meeting via Add a Zoom Meeting. After signing in, the meeting was added, but accessing add-in settings and scheduling another meeting resulted in two different meeting IDs for the same Outlook event.
  • Resolved an issue where the domain field in Outlook Web was consistently empty when adding a Zoom meeting link. Users had to manually type "ssodomoan" and "macquariegroup" each time.
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