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How to change Alexa's Wake Word manually?

I get it that you can change the Wake Word by voice command but I wanted to know how to access the option just in case I ever needed to and to know what exactly are the other names I can call Alexa.



expert (1579)alnado
Top answer by alnado

You have 3 other options in which you can address Alexa: Amazon, Echo, and Computer. To access this option manually please refer to the steps below.

  1. Open the Alexa App
  2. Select Echo & Alexa, this will display all of your devices associated with your account
  3. Select what Echo device you wanted to change the Wake Word
  4. Scroll down and select Wake Word
  5. Select which of the 4 options you prefer (Alexa, Amazon, Computer, and Echo)
  6. A pop up prompt will let you know that it may take a few minutes for the new selected Wake Word to take effect, just tap on OK then wait for Alexa to tell you if it's complete

You have successfully changed your Alexa Echo device’s Wake Word manually. Cheers.

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