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IO-Link IO-Link StandardThe following overview shows a chronological course of the product life cycle of IO-Link IO-Link Standard. With this overview, relevant technical news such as updates, known bugs and new functions, but also news about market launch, recalls or end of life are presented compactly. These software, firmware and hardware news were published by the manufacturer IO-Link itself, selected partners or by the devicebase editorial staff. Become part of the devicebase community and stay informed about IO-Link Standard by following the product.

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: Presentation of new features in a future version


    ✔️ ASIC specifications deviate from IOL specification (-0,3 V versus -1,0 V)

    ✔️ Voltage rating for C/Q line: VILD,M and VIHD,M only for Devices

    ✔️ Maximum Device consumption...

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: Backup function and a few more upgrades in the new version


    ✔️ Data backup of the device parameters

    ✔️ The data transmission rate of 230.4 kbaud is mandatory for IO-Link master

    ✔️ Process data width per port up to 32 bytes

    ✔️ The ...

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: Siemens has a new update for the S7-PCT V3.5

    Version What is the version number?


    Improvements Describe:

    • Support for IO-Link Master ET 200eco PN CM8xIO-Link, M12-L
    • Check for software updates / automatic updates

    Bug fixes Describe: /

    Open pr...

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: Io-Link Ecosystem New Features

    Io-Link has developed one of the leading standards for field communication that integrates into various IT systems. Io-Link Ecosystem offers various functions such as internationally accepted open ...

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: IO-Link and JSON

    A new specification for easy data exchange has been published on the Io-Link community. With this specification, data can be modified via Io-Link via JSON REST and MKTT. This conversion is fully co...

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